Click Image for a "Pail" Sample Track

Click Image for a "Pail" Sample Track


"THE PAIL" Spontaneous/Prophetic music with Cartas de Amour

 ***available soon by Subscription here!!!***  (Like a Patreon Subscription)

God likes to talk.  We can all learn to listen.  Here's proof!  We are thrilled to share with you Cartas de Amour's unique albums of "The Pail", "The Bucket" and "The Daily"... nearly 40 special albums, that we plan to only offer by Subscription!  Dive into these captured moments in song. 

  • Some are lightly edited, most are complete, full-length words and music that came in an instant.  It is so refreshing!!  And, it is so fun that it turned out to be great training, for Cartas and others to hear God clearer and do 'live Pail' at events and in videos.  Why not?
  • The plan is to only make these available right here for our Subscription listeners!

  •  We will have various subscription levels available...  Sign up for our Stay Tuned mailing list or check back here to watch for announcements concerning "The Pail" Spontaneous music...



There is a wonderful wave of Prophetic/Spontaneous worship going on around the world, just like in the days of the Moravians.  Click the links below to hear three favorites:

-International House of Prayer Kansas City, live prayer/worship 24/7:

-Brocks Upper Room - Our dear and amazing friends and our favorite "Musician-aries".  Cartas so enjoys their "Cry of the Innocent" album she has played it at home for months at a time!

-NEW HOPE FELLOWSHIP:  Cartas' wonderful friends Ryan and Susanna Internicola's church, Wednesday night Prayer Services are extra special!:

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