Cartas de Amour imparts inspiration, delighting audiences with original songs, smooth vocals & accessible lyrics

Cartas de Amour imparts inspiration, delighting audiences with original songs, smooth vocals & accessible lyrics

Who is Cartas?  Intuitive, playful and 'edgy', Cartas de Amour  is a lively American Singer/Songwriter. 

You can share in the adventure as you explore Cartas de Amour's ever-growing online catalog of "Love, Light & Truth" music on all platforms.  Watch for our SUBSCRIPTION service coming soon...  The fun has begun!

What:  Cartas de Amour infuses listeners with this deeply beautiful music and her stunning vocals, taking no credit of her own.  Cartas wins the fight to bring authentic, (often spontaneous) hope-filled encounter music to you that has been carved in the fires of perseverance!  It is intentionally something different.  What is your story?

Where:  Cartas is somewhere in this world where you will feel the love.  Cartas enjoys sharing with people everyday, in both live and virtual custom events, including coffee shop and grocery store moments, and small and large venues, solo and/or with a band.   

HOW:  Cartas likes to 'boil down' what she hears spiritually and expresses it poetically - or with spunk, whichever instills the flavor of the moment best.  Cartas is also fond of dark chocolate, staying connected to God and sharing how to connect to Him with others.  "Bringing you a constant flow of new songs and worship on guitar and keys is like surfing a wild river!" says Cartas de Amour.   Cartas loves being outdoors, the belief that "Few become alone'",  and working 'studio style' with great arrangers and musicians

Why:  Cartas hasn't sought fancy titles or awards, but remains captivated by the wonder of each heart that has come alive, and any small part that she may get to play in that wild life!!!  The imprint of Cartas de Amour's many mentors is indelible.  She is forever grateful! for their inspiration, that launched her inspiration, and now yours!  "If I can make your life better in some small way, inspire you to something new, or help you gain faith or perspective, help relieve your pain, or inspire your song - WOO!!! We have hit the target!"  says Cartas. 

When:  This music won't wait!  2021 was a banner year for Cartas de Amour as she quietly launched out into the online markets with five invigorating albums:  "Beautiful", and it's companion encounter album "Everything" (12-21), "Seeker"  which includes both crafted and Spontaneous songs, "I Love You So - Songs for the City" , Cartas'  very first Spontaneous/Prophetic album, and "Sing You Sweetly"  which is always a toe-tapping favorite because of its lively country/pop feel and great arrangements by Tim Crouch (Thanks guys!), and a variety of Singles.  2022 is starting out sweet with the interactive album "Healing is For You", and "Ointment" available now on all platforms. 

New Releases:  Check out Cartas de Amour's New Releases here on often.  Cartas  has monthly music publishing goals!   

New Releases:  Singles  "Surrender", "Medicine", "Comin Alive!"  and "Treasure in Heaven"  are out!   

COMING SOON:  Watch for Cartas de Amour's trendy "Medicine" album in 2022, with exciting down to earth new originals and yet to be recorded old friends.  Her chirpy Songbird guitar album called "Far Better" is targeted for Mid 2022, it just may have some Celtic flair.  "Pop/Classic" songs are on the horizon, Cartas can't wait to share these special songs with you!  Cartas loves to do a blend of Acoustic and Studio albums, bending the rules of 'modern music' that often makes all recordings sound 'the same'...  Please let us know what you like to hear, Cartas would love to hear from you!  Keep watching for what's next, including our new Subscription only Spontaneous music, only available here! "The Pail" - coming soon!  Check the Music & Merch Page for details. 

Fuel:  Where do you fit in?  Giving you a new view on music and many things is why we are here...  From Cartas:  "I'm just here as an example, a place holder really, a sign post.  The word Cartas means "write a letter".  So, hurray! - its not all about Cartas de Amour this artist/singer-songwriter - Life is about combustion!!!  Maybe something here is the fuel that you've been waiting for!  What do you want to write?  Really consider these song lyrics...  What's your new horizon?  Its about you too being ignited seeking and finding your best self in Christ!" 

Cartas de Amour's story:  Cartas  de Amour  is a real person, with a unique nickname and vision that is now her trademark.  Cartas started singing professionally, and writing songs, at age 16.  Her mother had randomly taught her to sing at age 4.  Guitar, vocal, piano, and songwriting lessons, life lessons and more followed.  A few years ago, one of Cartas'  friends suddenly exclaimed, "You are like a love letter from God to the whole world!"   What a challenge; and an impartation!  Can't we all be that?  One day changed the end forever!  This moment streamlined Cartas de Amour's  vision, and continues to broaden her path.  Her other friend translated the defining phrase and sentiment into Portuguese for fun - and Cartas de Amour was born!  (This was about 2010.)  Cartas  loves to sing in her limited Spanish and Portuguese as well as English, check out her song "Jesus I Need You" sung in Portuguese on the DRM #1 album.  Some people say that Cartas has a Latin soul.  For sure, Cartas is a glimmering of what is possible!  Why not?

The Song:  "Love, Light & Truth"  became Cartas' own special genre about the same time that the Cartas de Amour name/brand developed.  Here you will find a broad variety of music genres,   and sometimes a mix of styles that we hope you will enjoy for years to come!  What if the sky is nowhere near the limit?


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Please Note:  Cartas de Amour  is an intentional poet.  She typically uses 'traditional' definitions of words.  She likes phrases that have double meaning for impact too.  It is however impossible to keep up with the oddly changing definitions of words in American culture, so if you feel that a word she has used seems negative or worse, it isn't.  That word or phrase may have just become part of modern slang - but definitely is not Cartas' meaning or intent.  Thank you for understanding and seeing beyond the page. 

Cartas de Amour

Cartas de Amour